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About Us

As a mom to three boys, I have been long obsessed with finding ways to get more sleep.  

When the boys were babies, I found that I awoke with a start at the slightest noise from their nursery.  I started sleeping with a pillow over my head to muffle some of the sounds, and over time I became hooked on the weighted sensation of something over my head at night. It was so calming and centering, and it blocked sounds and light. 

As I got older, I developed a new problem: the pillow was making me hot- way too hot!  I couldn't sleep with it; and now, I also couldn't sleep without it! 

I started researching "cooling" pillows and became intrigued by the traditional Japanese sobakawa (buckwheat hull) pillows.  They were all-natural and people swore that they had amazing airflow and didn't retain heat. Of course, I had no intention of sleeping on top of it, so I had to take that inspiration and start experimenting.   I needed it to be much more than an eye mask and much less than a full pillow.  More than 40 pillows prototypes later, I had found the perfect weight and configuration to replace the pillow over my head.

As long as I was at it, I decided to research herbs and dried flowers that are used in traditional medicine and "dream pillows" for relaxation, sleep and insomnia, finally settling on the perfect blend to enhance the sleeping experience. I blended these herbs with the buckwheat hulls and finally, Rêve was born.
By this point, my entire family was using Rêve's and soon my friends were too. One thing led to another and before long, I couldn't make enough.   

I looked at a lot of options for manufacturing, including Asia and China, but ultimately I realized that making an all-natural, luxury product that you sleep with every night inches from, if not on, your face, is not where off-shore production excels.  I wanted luxurious materials, certified-organic, chemical-free, and safe for children; and for that, I turned to American craftsmanship.  Sometimes, you get what you pay for.

I hope you love Rêve as much as we do. 

Sweet dreams!

Amy Hogan