The Art of Herbal Dream Pillows

Rêve draws on several modalities in creating the perfect pillow to help you fall asleep and stay asleep.  In addition to luxury fabric and organic buckwheat, Rêve is infused a proprietary blend of dried herbs and essential oils to help you get restorative sleep and peaceful dreams. 

Traditionally herbal dream pillows were small satchels or patches of fabric sewn together and filled with a blend of sleep-promoting medical herbs.  These little pillows would be stashed under a pillow or tucked into the blankets so the aromatherapy benefits could work their sleep magic.  At Rêve, we love this tradition, and using ancient recipes enhanced with data from double-blind clinical research available at Pubmed.com, we crafted the perfect blend of herbs to include in our Rêve dream pillow.

We source herbs from all over the world to ensure they bring the right essence to Rêve. We found native suppliers for each of the herbs in our blend and this took us all over the world!Our lavender comes from Provence, France (one of my favorite places!), our cinnamon from Sri Lanka and our Lemon Verbena from South America.

Our blend has been carefully crafted to bring you the very sweetest dreams. Try Rêve and see for yourself!



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