Deep Touch Pressure, So You Can Sleep

Deep Touch Pressure (also referred to as Therapeutic Touch or Deep Pressure Therapy) is achieved through applying pressure to the body, which in turn triggers nervous system chain reaction that provides a sense of peace, relaxation and security.  This pressure  response can be be achieved by hugging, by laying underneath weighted blankets or pillows (Rêve!), or by swaddling (ask any baby!).

Rêve users often say that when putting their Rêve pillow over their head, they have a feeling like their mother is tucking them in at night and resting her hand on their head. This common experience is driven by the parasympathetic nervous system reacting to the pressure of the Rêve to produce a sensation of security and relaxation- a feeling which many relate to memories of childhood and feeling taken care of.

Deep Pressure does more than just give you calming thoughts; these signals trigger actual biological changes in the body related to stress, reducing cortisol production, feelings of anxiety, and heartbeat.  

As a result, Deep Pressure has long been used as a therapy to easing daily anxiety, improving sleep, reducing sensory overload in children with ADHD and calming and soothing agitation for those on the Autism Spectrum.  There is significant clinical research on my favorite medical journal site, PubMed, on the specifics of Deep Touch Pressure's effects and the (very technical!) reasons why it works.

Rêve is a great option for those looking to explore Deep Touch Pressure therapy. When used over the head, it also blocks sound and light, while providing enough weight to trigger the DPT response. Some users also love to use it across their body where it has a similar effect to a weighted blanket without the heat or bulk.



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